Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a huge part of the Butte Food Co-Op’s development and contribute to the Butte Food Co-Op’s growth and expanded reach.

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Volunteer opportunities

The Butte Food Co-Op is always looking for engaged volunteer to assist with various Co-Op needs such as joining committees, tabling at the Farmer’s Market, organizing events, and more… To be notified of volunteer opportunities, please sign up below:



We also need help at events to reach more of our community. A board member will take the lead at each event and volunteers can come help.



There are two committees that you can also volunteer to join. Each committee is outlined below along with the committee charters explaining their purpose, expectations, duties, requirements, and key tasks.

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The Butte Food Co-Op currently has three active committees made up of Butte Food Co-Op Member-Owners. If you are interested in joining a committee or a future committee, please sign up below:


Member-Ownership & Outreach Committee

The Member-Ownership & Outreach Committee focuses on expanding the Butte Food Co-Op’s organizational vision to increase member-ownership and member-owner engagement.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for outreach in the community to raise funds through preferred stock and sponsorships, as well as identifying opportunities for grants and loans for the Butte Food Co-Op. This committee may also be involved with a future Capital Campaign.


Location Committee

The Location Committee will function ostensibly as a cohesive group to identify locations for the new store and to make recommendations for further investigation to the entire BOD for possible brick and mortar locations or vacant land sites that could serve as the new location.

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