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Mailing Address

The Butte Food Co-Op
PO Box 681
Butte, MT 59703-0681

Directors, Committies and Volunteers


Clayton Elliott, Julie Jaksha, Krissy Kraczkowsky, Leo Prigge, Kelli Schermerhorn, Debbie Smith, Keli Tiffany

Member-Owner Outreach Committee

Kathryn Flint, Dave Goodwin, Krissy Kraczkowsky (Chair), Mateja Lund, Kathryn Manz, Elaine Mele, Brianna Peet, Kayla Sheridan, Debbie Smith, Keli Tiffany

Finance Committee

Leo Prigge (Co-Chair), Clayton Elliott (Co-Chair), Suba Ganesan, Jim Sugarek

Location Committee

Christopher Borton, Julie Jaksha (Chair), Russ O’Leary, Debbie Smith, Steve Thompson

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