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The Butte Food Co-Op is a developing cooperative grocery store focused on improving access to our local food system and circulating more of our grocery dollars back into the local Montana economy.

About Us

Why a food co-op in Butte?

Food co-ops support their own community.

Grocery store type has a direct impact on the local and regional food system and economy. The Butte Food Co-op intends to work with local farmers, suppliers, ranchers and artisans for as many products as possible and where their are local options.

Food co-ops focus on sustainable, clean, and high quality products.

People are becoming more aware of the industrialization of the food they eat and their foods close connections to its suppliers. There is a demand for more sustainable options for fresh, clean, whole foods (free from hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, harmful preservatives, genetic-modifications, etc.) that support local producers and suppliers.

Food co-ops emphasize true local.

The meaning of "buy local" (or "true local") has evolved from simply purchasing a product that came from nearby, to purchasing fresher, higher-quality foods from more trustworthy local sources and supporting their local economy (by creating more jobs and wealth within their community), and protecting their environment.

Food co-ops fill a gap.

The Butte Food Co-Op fills several gaps in Butte's current food retail industry. It fulfills the communities' need for a healthy and high-quality food store, creates jobs within the community, provide opportunities for local farmers, ranchers, suppliers, artisans and emphasizes community over profits.

Food co-ops are more than a store.

The Butte Food Co-op will offer a greater sense of community and empowerment to the consumer by becoming an inclusive community, social, and educational hub. It will host community events, invite local suppliers we buy from to speak at the store about their product practices, offer low-income, elderly and student subsidized or discounted shopping and membership to encourage participation in the co-op, provide SNAP and EBT benefits to qualified individuals, and hold educational classes to encourage healthy eating practices.

What are the benefits of a co-op?

Support a more social community

  • Food Co-Ops act as more than a grocery store – they are a “community hub” for local people to meet up and make new friends.
  • Food Co-Ops provide a more sociable place to shop.
  • Food Co-Ops offer educational opportunities like cooking classes or how to eat healthy on a budget.
  • Food Co-Ops provide opportunities for consumers to meet local suppliers.

Support better community health

  • Food Co-Ops increase access to affordable produce and other healthy foods.Food Co-Ops communicate the benefits of eating a healthy diet.
  • Food Co-Ops provide opportunities for consumers to meet local suppliers.

Support the local economy

  • Food Co-Ops cycle money into the local economy on a larger scale than conventional grocers.
  • For every $1,000 dollars spent at a Food Co-Op, $1,604 is generated in the local economy.
  • Food Co-Ops spend 6% more on local wages and benefits than conventional grocery stores.
  • Food Co-Ops do 2 ½ times more business with local farms and producers.

Support environmental improvement

  • Food Co-Ops support more sustainable farming and ranching practices (small scale vs. large scale).
  • Food Co-Ops use less packaging and generate less waste than conventional grocery stores.

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